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Discussion in 'General' started by Amorphous, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Amorphous

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    hello i m using ispconfig 3 on the 2 servers i have, it s working so far great, but i have a small problem..... when i have a subdomain registered lets say with mydns, but i havent set yet a site for that domain, i haven t set anything, it allways get s me the same default wellcome ispconfig screen .... i want to change something like this domain is not public yet .. if u want to register, click here, or go to the

    the page that is appearing is the same as for a website regitered but nothing in it ..

    can u guide me to the default index.html for non registered websites , so i can change it ??? if u don t understand exactlly what i am saying, just say it and i will show u ....
    thanks allot !!
    note! i m not using ispconfig for payed webdomains, i m just using it to manage easily my websites and my e-mail accounts, also to give for free subdomains only for the people from my network :)
  2. till

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    there is no such default page. You simply get the index.html page from the first created site. If you want to have a different default site then you will have to add a default vhost in the apache2.conf file or httpd.conf file.
  3. Amorphous

    Amorphous New Member

    thanks for the reply :) now i get iti i will give it a try :) i will let u know if it works :)

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