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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ruvil, Jun 23, 2012.

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    I have a server with ubuntu 12.04 and the latest version of ISPconfig(through upgrade).

    I would like to replace my old courier installation with dovecot - is this possible without destroying my current ispconfig installation? Should i be extra careful when doing this?
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    If you use imapsync to sync between the two servers, it's pretty painless - although the end users will have to rebuild their local mailboxes.

    If you do what I did (598 gigabytes of email is just a WEE bit difficult to imapsync) and move the folders themselves, you'll have to get the script.

    Look at my post (close to this one).

    I upgraded the existing system to the latest version of ISPConfig, then created a new version on the new machine. The old was running courier, the new dovecot. I did a database dump of the dbispconfig, moved it to the new machine, then overwrote the dbispconfig database on the new box. I then ran the update.php from the same installer, told it dovecot, and let it rip. (This came directly from a post by Till). It still left three mentions of 'courier' in the system.

    If you clear those 'courier' mentions with phpmyadmin, you can then move the /var/vmail/<domain>/user/* files into the /var/vmail/<domain>/user/Maildir/* file structure. (You'll have to make the Maildir if it doesn't show up automatically)

    Once that's done, you'll run the migrate script like so.

    ./ --to-dovecot --recursive --convert --overwrite /var/vmail/<domain>

    (The script will automatically fix the file ownership issues that show up if you're using 'root' to create the Maildir)

    Once you've done this, and it passes correctly (run it without the --convert first, as a test), _delete the courierimap* files from the folders_. This will probably take some scripting, or by hand work, but I found that Thunderbird, at least, was trying to read both the Dovecot subscriptions file AND the courier imap files, and ending up with phantom folders.

    KEEP GOOD BACKUPS. Better yet, keep your old hard drive handy to plug into the new machine in case it does what happened to me, which was that updating the name of a couple of users caused the system to wipe the user email directories. Sixty-eight gigabytes then had to be recopied. (that was before removing 'courier' from the database. ) Yes, I had the old drive handy - I wasn't that stupid.
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    There is a migration tool and guide available for that. See attachment.

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    Is there any way to all clients not re-download all messages after mail conversion?

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    Getting the following error. Got past the server_settings.ini API disabled issue, but now I'm stumped...
    # php courier_to_dovecot.php                                                      
    Logged successfull. Session ID:c68dd924e78f0c47fde65e3f5ccf0eb4
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=""><SOAP-ENV:Body><SOAP-ENV:Fault><faultcode>permission_denied</faultcode><faultstring>You do not have the permissions to access this function.</faultstring></SOAP-ENV:Fault></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>
    SOAP Error: You do not have the permissions to access this function.
    No idea how to research this one... The apache error is a bog standard one so I'm not sure what more to set when the remote user has each tick box for permissions set already.
    [31/Mar/2015:23:55:44 +0200] "POST /remote/index.php HTTP/1.1" 500 714 "-" "PHP-SOAP/5.3.2-1ubuntu4.29"
  6. dmgeurts

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    remote user permissions are set to:
    Am I missing something here?
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  8. dmgeurts

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  9. till

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    This means that the mail module is not active for your user. You can not activate remote functions for modules that you are not allwed to use as ispconfig user.
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    Thanks Till, lesson learned...
    I was struggling as I have two admin users. One can create new users and do system maintenance, but not much else. The other can change dns, sites email etc but not create new system users or other system tasks. This meant that I would have had to temporarily lift the permissions of the system admin user to include mail.
  11. Viperdriver2000

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    sorry I activate the old theme again.
    Is this still relevant?
    Unfortunately, I do not quite understand how I implement step 4.
    Where do I create the "remoting user" or how?
  12. heikoch

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    I had to install the packages dovecot-mysql and dovecot-sieve under Debian - Jessie.
    Now it works.
    Are there any other packages?
    Thanks for the great work

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