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    I'm looking for some guidance on setting up ISPConfig 3 on a server which uses a specific IP address and domain name, which will later be changed to a new IP address and domain name. One of our servers is being replaced, and we want to setup the software on the new server and move the sites to it, then once it's up and running, just switch the server IP addresses and domain names so all requests go to the new server instead.

    If following the Ubuntu 10.04/ISPConfig 3 Perfect Server guide, which files will need to be edited after installation to complete the transfer? It's important that this goes smoothly since a few busy live sites will be getting moved.

    I can't just fake the correct IP address on the new system since it's an EC2 instance that gets its static ip address from a DHCP server. The only way to make the switchover is to disassociate the elastic IP address from the old instance and associate it with the new instance, at which point all the DNS information that ISPConfig3 (and all the other applications) was installed with will no longer be valid.

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    offline install

    You should be able to do this but it will require some extra thought and I'm presuming that you have access to a second workstation - an old/small machine is fine as long as it has an optical drive, putty installed and a network card installed (wireless is fine). A second router which will allow you to change it's IP.

    1. Start off the normal setup as outlined in the guide and do
    aptitude update
    aptitude safe-upgrade

    BEFORE you configure network interfaces.

    Go offline with your workstation and new server

    2. Download the packages you will need for the setup manually and make a CD archive for apt. You will need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list to allow your new system to access this archive you have made rather than look for the online archives. Theres plenty of documentation on the net for how to make a CD archive.

    Note here if you have already done the setup once all the packages are already stored in /var/cache/apt/archives and you can get a list of currently installed packages on your system by typing this as root:

    dpkg --get-selections > INSTALLED-PACKAGES

    then 'ls' will show you a list called INSTALLED-PACKAGES has been generated then 'cat INSTALLED-PACKAGES' will show you your list.

    3. Go ahead and configure your network (offline) with the IP you need to use - proceed with the perfect setup and install ISPConfig 3 at your leisure.

    I have not tried this type of offline setup and you might find some headaches and things you hadn't figured on when you unplug your old system and migrate to the new system - but there's every likelihood it will work fine. Would be interesting to know how this works if you decide to go this way.

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