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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by damaltor, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. damaltor

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    hello everybody,

    i got ispconfig up and running, it looks absolutely great and seems to work pretty fine. i made a new web, added users.
    if i now open the corresponding domain, there is this standard page telling me to delete the index.html or replacing it with my own content.
    so, i uploaded the drupal CMS via ftp with the newly created user. i could see two directories, /web and /maildir.
    as told on the standard page, i deleted index.html and uploaded my content into /web.

    big surprise now when i opened the domain again: there was still this standard page. emptying cache didnt help, even opening the page over a web proxy did only show the standard page.

    wondering if i did something wrong, i added another web and dowloaded the index.html file from the ftp server, editet it and uploaded it again - same thing, only the (not editet) standard page.

    back to first web: i looked into the statistics, and found out that there were NO TRAFFIC via ftp, but about 4 MB (wich is the size of drupal) in the /user directory. the web directory still has its original size.

    what did i wrong? what can i do?

    any help appreciated, Thank You all.
  2. edge

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    Make sure that you login as the administrator for that site. (it's set in ISP config > ISP manager > User & Email > webID_name > Administrator )
    Only the administrator can change the "main" site.
    All other users (non administrator) have there own directory / index.html ( )
  3. damaltor

    damaltor New Member

    ooooh thanks. i would never have come upon this.

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