Change the admin email address ISPconfig uses to send mail

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by fyberoptik, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. fyberoptik

    fyberoptik New Member

    I'm looking to change the email address of messages that come from ISPconfig. I have set the admin email address under Interface > Main Config > Mail, but this doesn't change the email address which ISPconfig sends mail as.

    For instance when I reset the a password, message get sent as ispconfig@ domain-name .com

    How can change this?
  2. fyberoptik

    fyberoptik New Member

    In the password reset message (/interface/web/login/password_reset.php), I can see where ISPconfig sets the sender to ['admin_email'], I would of thought this would be pulling the admin email address which is set under Interface > Main Config > Mail. But for some reason it doesn't.

    I tried to change it manually in the php file but it still doesn't change the sender email address in the message.
    $app->ispcmail->setSender('[email protected] .com', $mail_config['admin_name']);
  3. fyberoptik

    fyberoptik New Member

    Resolved issue, turned out to be a problem with the DNS entry. When the recipient server received the message, it was unable to verify the original source of the message correctly.

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