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    Old Server Suse 9.3
    ISPConfig before Vers. 2.2.4 uses /home/www for the webs and kept this by the updates up to 2.2.6

    New Server Suse 9.3
    If ISPconfig ist installed starting with Vers 2.2.6 it uses /srv/www by default.

    Is it ok to change the directory in management - settings - web form /srv/www to /home/www.

    Will ISPConfig make all the necessary changes by itself?

    I want to move to the new Server, I read the howto but I think in have to use the same directory for the webs on the new Server.

    Or I install 2.2.3 at first on the new Server and update to 2.2.6. In this case the directory for the webs should be /home/www.


    Found it

    During the installation in Expert-mode the directory can be changed.

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