Change permissions on a folder in the web

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    Change permissions on a folder in the web
    (! is_dir ($ data ["new"] ["document_root"]. "/ web")) mkdir ($ data ["new"] ["document_root"]. '/ web', 0755, true);
    (! is_dir ($ data ["new"] ["document_root"]. "/ web")) mkdir ($ data ["new"] ["document_root"]. '/ web', 6755, true);

    In this case, the problem will disappear as root when copying files and folders are created with different rights from the owner which makes it impossible for the user to delete files without the intervention of FTP root.It would not be necessary to change the FastCGI for php-mod to change the permissions on the files exposing the www-data: www-data.
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    Yes but it will work

    Yes but it will work. The current version of the site may be close from editing and completely stop working.
    Rights to be missed because the web user will be allowed to start the program as ping which creates a socket but not the user has no right to do that.
    This proposal опробованона 3 servers and 300 sites.
    There are no problems.
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