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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by chrno, Jul 12, 2006.

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    I'm in the process of planning to move my ISPconfig to a more powerful server. Unfortunately this will mean I'll be getting a new IP for the new server. I've read the 2 threads above and I've got the following question:-

    After I've done the sql dump of ISPConfig mysql database from the old server, do I just search of the current IP and replace it with the IP of the new server? After this is done, import it back in to the new server. Is this correct?

    My second quesion is regarding pri.* zone files. I've got like 1500+ domains on the old server. Can anyone recommend an automated tool or script to replace the IP? It'll be a real pain to do it manually :-(

    Many thanks!

  2. till

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    But be aware that you dont replace the table "isp_server" on the new machine, as the installer has stored there the server specific data.

    I recommend another strategy, as ISPConfig is able to rebuild the zone files from the database :)

    After you replaced the IP in the SQL-Dump and restored it on the new server, run this sql query in phpmyadmin:

    update dns_isp_dns set status = 'n' where status = '';

    Then go in the DNS-manager, edit the settings of one of the zones and hit save, ISPCOnfig will start now to write out all your zone files from the database.
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    Nice one! Thanks for your advice Till!

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