Change hostname of master (ISPC 3).

Discussion in 'General' started by Chris_UK, Oct 15, 2017.

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    I just came from an ISPC 2 post where Till gave instructions on changing the master servers hostname but also stated its for 2 not 3.
    These were the instructions:
    as its a 2015 thread i don't want to dig it back up with an ISPC 3 question. To be fair my question or rather questions go beyond the scope a little as i'm actually midway through expanding from standalone to multiserver.

    So queston 1: How should i change the hostname on the master server, what files do i need to edit on the master and the slaves. Are they still the same files/locations or is there something else i will need to do.

    Now some info for the next question
    Not really sure I got the dns configured correctly on the master, I have primary zones but no secondary zones. So as you can guess this is my second question, is that configuration going to be okay like that or do i need the secondary set up.
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    The files for the hostnames haven't changed really, however ISPConfig uses /usr/local/ispconfig/*/lib/ now - no need to change them for hostname setting.

    regarding ISPConfig + DNS I'm sorry, don't know what to do there yet, I'm using standalone powerdns, maybe @till knows better for your 2nd question :) I'd guess it's ok but I don't want to get trouble here :D
  3. Chris_UK

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    So I do not need to change any files just change the host name of the master? what about the database anything there that might need changing?

    I remember having to change something in the database regarding the dns when i moved it off the master, i think that was just a server id though.

    Re: the secondary DNS, Ive found the answer, In short we "should" have Secondary DNS because its supposed to be read only, meaning you can create zones but none can can transfer into that server. Its a fail safe to prevent a single point of failure.
    The way i have it as a mirror gives me two dns servers to the outside world but internally i still have a single point of failure which I thought i was eliminating by setting up the second server.

    I suppose i'm getting to grips with things a little better now and will work on adding in secondary dns. I think i just need to remove the mirror and zone transfer setting making it read only.
  4. Chris_UK

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    okay well the hostname change isnt working properly. Here is what i have tried

    /etc/hostname server1
    /etc/postfix/ hostname

    On the slaves ive checked and they already point to for the master and I have an A record for server1 as i use it for the ISPC panel.

    What happens is i cannot connect to the server via the domain., http(s):// ssh

    When i revert all the hostname changes on the master the system can be accessed by the domain again.

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