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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Rabenkind, Feb 22, 2018.

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    I just recovered from a very painfull experience with Hostnames and ISPConfig.

    The newest thread I found which is associated in changing a hostname is from 2012 so I guess there is no up-to-date porecedure jet which is why I am asking.

    What is the procedure for deploying a changed hostname in ISPconfig? (I know the stepps on how to change the hostname on a Debian machine.)

    My problem in detail: After changing the hostname on a machine I noticed the Jobqueue does not get processed - and since there is no error-reporting I had to dig and found a line in the logs wich said "[email protected] [...] denied"

    I tried to update the masterDB manually by replacing "[email protected]" with "[email protected]" but the jobqueue did not get processed anyway.

    I also tried to change the hostname in the Field for "server" in the ISPConfig webinterface - but that did not even add a Job to the queue.

    Since Hostname and Domainchanges is something that happens regularly could someone point me to the right procedure?

    Thanks for your help.
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    There is nothing special or complicated in doing that, that's why you don't find many posts on thta topic. Just change the hostname in Debian as it is done on any Debian setup with or without ISPConfig:

    and then change the MySQL user, the easiest way is to use the user editor that is built into PHPMyAdmin:

    But there are other ways as of course, any of these will work with ISPConfig as it's just a normal MySQL user that ISPConfig uses, nothing fancy. And don't forget to run flush privileges in MySQL or restart MySQL.
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    Ok, i will fire up a setup for testing this again.

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