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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by AXC, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. AXC

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    Please tell me if I'm doing this correctly. I run a multiserver set up with webservers, db servers, mailservers & ispconfig control panel all separated with mirrors for each. I need to remove an existing webserver A and replace it with a webserver currently assigned as its mirror B. Please tell me if I am correct that I can do this by:
    1. In ispconfig control panel, Server Services, change mirror B to Is mirror of Server None.
    2. Updating the ispconfig control panel database:
    • Backup db first
    • next get the id of each server from server table
    • change server_id of each site that was on server A to server_id of mirror B
    • update web_domain set server_id=<server_id of mirror B> where server_id=<server_id of server A>
    3. Update server_id in ftp_users table
    4. Update server_id in aps_instances table
    Do the same changes (2-4) in the ispconfig database on mirror now webserver B.
    Remove server A.
    That should be it.

    Am I missing anything?

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  2. florian030

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    You may want to change web_backup, web_folder, and web_folder_user, too.
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  3. AXC

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    Thanks! Much appreciated. We don't use those features but will update as well.

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