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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by hooligan, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. hooligan

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    Hey all

    I just recently re-setup my testing web server on my local network and I'm currently setting up Proftpd. Currently it seems to be uploading to the users home directory. Its weird though my ftp client shows a whole heap of weird directory's that I cant see on linux e.g. .gconf .gnome .gnome2. Now my question is how do I configure it so that the default directory is the server root. Or even /var/www/html. I've tried a few things but I cant seem to get it right. I've even got webmin installed to help but any settings I seem to change keep it in the users directory.

    Anyone set this up before?

  2. geekman

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    The reason you cannot see these files in your home directory is because they are "hidden" files, that is, they begin with a dot. Try doing ls -la in that directory and you will see them. By default proftpd is setup to rely on the system users you have for accounts, and each account you login straight to the home directory set in /etc/password. You can always change their home directory to something else (my website users have the home directory /home/websites/<user>). Other that that you could change your DefaultRoot directive to NOT jail that users group then allow them to own that directory...though I wouldn't recommend it.

  3. falko

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    LsDefaultOptions                "-l"
    into your proftpd.conf, and you won't see files beginning with a dot anymore.

    Put something like
    DefaultRoot /
    DefaultRoot /var/www/html
    into your proftpd.conf. Restart Proftpd afterwards.

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