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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by White, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. White

    White Member

    Since July this year i have been getting this message when connecting FILEZILLA to my server, i get a popup that starts,

    "This server's certificate is unknown. Please carefully examine the servers certificate to determine if it can be trusted.

    Valid from:17/07/2010
    Valid to: 17/07/2010 - Certificate Expired !

    it gives me all the information i remember putting in ie, common name, country, organisation etc.

    i need to know how to make a new certificate as i dont know which one has expired, and please can you tell me without having to use vi i cant get my head around that editor

    im using a stand alone server running debian lenny perfect server setup.
  2. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    What ftp daemon are you running?
  3. White

    White Member

    proftpd i think
  4. Mark_NL

    Mark_NL Member

    whereis proftpd
    whereis pure-ftpd-mysql
  5. White

    White Member

    put that in putty and got the following;

    server1:~# whereis proftpd
    proftpd: /usr/sbin/proftpd /etc/proftpd.conf /etc/proftpd /usr/lib/proftpd /usr/share/proftpd /usr/share/man/man8/proftpd.8.gz

    server1:~# whereis pure-ftpd-mysql
  6. White

    White Member

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