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  1. Blackbit

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    Hi all!

    We're using several ISPConfig installations and several mail servers -but we have only one Webmail server using Roundcube. I'd like to share my patch, how roundcube can ask the main central ISPConfig for the right mail server using the remote API. So that there's always the same addressbook and same connection no matter wich domain was used to bring up Roundcube. Instead of looking up the DNS MX-Records, we just ask ISPConfig. :)

    - First of all set up the API User in ISPConfig.
    - Then install the plugin automx.
    - Open the file web/plugins/automx/automx.php from roundcube.
    - Replace the whole function getServerByEmail() with the attached text file - or merge the changes, if your and our roundcube versions are different. ;)
    - Finally don't forget to replace "your_api_user" and "your_api_password"!

    That's it. Have fun!

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  2. Horfic

    Horfic Member

    Good work, but I already implemented that ages ago into my mailuser interface for ispconfig 3 + roundcube

    Its called ispconfig3_autoselect.
  3. Blackbit

    Blackbit New Member

    Yes, sometimes people just reinvent the wheel. Im just wondering why i didn't find that?! Anyway - it was a nice intention to get used to the remote API. ;-)

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