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Discussion in 'General' started by r4faga, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Hello again, i now installed ispconfig 3 on centos, and all works fine :p.

    But i have only two questions, my server have only one ip assigned for my isp, is not dchp, is fixed IP. When i create a website, i need to assign a ip?? i mean if i create 3 websites they need it 3 ip fixed??, i have only one server, so if i need others ips, i have to ask to my isp anothers ips for this websites???
    Just i remember that i can join to my site typing the ip address on my browser, but is the same ip server, and when i change the ip site i cant join on my site typing a new ip address site.

    If i am right, and my isp have to give me thats ips, i need to create thats ips on edit ip server, on module of services in my ispconfig, for can assign thats ips in this new websites?

    A second question is for the DNS zones. If i have only one server and when i create a DNS Zones, how i create that NS1 and NS2 to assign on my domain web?? i was create thats zones on my website, but my domain web said: NameServer ns1.xxxxxx.xxx.xx is not a valid Nameserver. So how i create thats dns zones??

    Can any help me to create DNS Zones, and clarify about ips addresses.

  2. till

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    No. You can run as many websites on one IP as you like. Just ssl websites need separate IP addresses, if you dont use SNI.

    To access a website, you enter the domain name of that site in the URL bar of the browser and not the IP address.

    If you have just one server, then you should consider to create the dns zones in the dns server of the domain registry where you bought the domains instead of running your own dns server. If you really want to run your own dns, then you ned a second server or rent some secondary dns service from your domain registrar or any other company.
  3. r4faga

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    Tanks till..

    Jejej ok now i know that i cant change my ip.

    So ispconfig, do it herself on isp panel when i create that sites? or i have to do something on ssl file?

    Yea, but when i type that domain name is no resolve couse on my domain registry the dns does no existing. Thats why i just only get ir with my ip address.

    Till you helped not to waste my time. Now i join to my panel on my domain registry to get dns and put on my site. But i ask you if my isp panel create automatic site or i hace to do something on ssl file?

    Thanks till, i work a lot on ispconfig and is a verry good tool for isps.
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  4. till

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    There is no configuration required for SNI in ispconfig. But you need a recent apache and openssl version and it requires that the browser supports it. For example, internet explorere < 7 and all internet explorer versions availabe for windows XP does not support SNI. See wikipedia page on SNI for details.

    See FAQ: http://www.faqforge.com/linux/contr...ess-a-namebased-website-without-a-dns-record/
  5. r4faga

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    Till i have apache 2.2.15 and openssl 1.0.0. is fine ? i think that my browser is fine, i have firefox 6.

    If that all about you ask me, is fine, ispconfig could be work fine if i create a dns zones with my domain registry? or i have to do something more on my centos?? or a tutorial The Perfect Server - CentOS 6.0 x86_64 [ISPConfig 3] have all tools and i dont have nothing more to do it, just make a dns registry, and put it thats dns on my isp panel, and is that all???

    Till thanks so much for you help.
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  6. falko

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    Yes, that is fine. To find out if your browser supports SNI, you can go to https://alice.sni.velox.ch/.

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