Centos Apache php-fpm problem with virtual host and Index Forbbiden

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    I'm having little issue and I don't know how to fix. I followed tutorial without problem but when I setup a virtual host I get an error in /var/log/httpd/error

    Directory index forbidden by Options directive

    For example

    If I try to access some php file directly there is ok


    but If I try to access directly to domain I get the error


    I don't know If there is something missconfigured in httpd.conf. FastCgiWrapper is

    FastCgiWrapper Off

    And I have disabled mod_php

    I have copy virtual host conf of Apache mod_php where I have php site under production.

    Can you give me some idea?

  2. rubendob

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    AH! I forgot to mention there is rewrite rules in this virtual host setup. Rewrite rules that are coming from my virtual host conf of my production serve (apache mod_php)

    I think is interesting to mention.

  3. falko

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    You need an index file (index.html, index.php, etc.) in your document root.

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