Centos 6.4 cannot get ispconfig page

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by tuvia, May 5, 2013.

  1. tuvia

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    I searched and found this exact problem in the forum several times, but each time the person did not get any help with it.

    I installed a fresh Centos 6.4 and then ISPconfig etc exactly per the How To document. However when I try and start ispconfig (i.e. localhost;8080) I get the apache default page. httpd.conf seems to include an apps.vhost that points to /var/html/apps as the home folder, which is an empty folder.

    I wiped everything and did it all again, same results. PLEASE HELP if you can.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You will always find someone that has a similar problem if a software gets installed a few hundred thousand times a year like ispconfig. This does not indicate that there is a general problem.

    I did a centos 6.4 install last week for one of our customers and it worked out of the box, I used the perfect setup centos 6.4.

    How did you access ispconfig on localhost? The guide does not install a gui, so if you have a gui on your server, you could not have followed the guide exactly.

    If you want to access ispconfig and did not have a domain configured yet, use the IP address of eth0 network card.

    Also you might want to check your httpd log file for errors.
  3. tuvia

    tuvia New Member

    Who said anything about a GUI in Centos? Oh, I see, I said locahost. That was an example so I woul not have to post my actual IP address/

    I mentioned the searching not to imply anything, but to stop people from saying "did you search the forums?". I did, and others hav had this problem, and nobody had a solution posted.

    The others with this problem did exactly as I did and started blank and followed the instructions completely.

    There is nothing in the error logs relevant.

    I guess seeing how few responses I got (only 1) and that nobody has helped either me or the other people, I might have to reconsider using the ispconfig system.

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