CentOS 6.2 boot problem running software Raid1

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    I followed this tutorial to setup Raid1 on running just installed CentOS 6.2. The system boots nice from RAID arrays using either first or second HDD when both HDDs are connected. But when I remove one of HDD the system hangs during boot showing error multiple times:
    And after that:
    I found an issue in CentOS bug tracker and it looks like mine, but slightly different.

    Here is my system info:
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  2. bzzik

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    Ok, i fixed it only installing 6.1. Did it following How to Setup a Software RAID on CentOS 5.

    Then I added to yum.conf line:
    and did:
    CentOS has updated to latest 6.2 kernel and after that I have tested fail of both hard drives. System boots as it should! That's it!

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