Centos 4.5, CentosPlus and ISPConfig

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by erebus, Oct 22, 2007.

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    As I migrate my old customers to a new server with ISPConfig these days, I found out that Centos 4.5 is stick with MySQL4 and PHP4, while I needed the new 5 version for both. So I took the great decision to upgrade my perfect setup using the centosplus repo.

    So here is the yum.log of what happened during the upgrade:

    Oct 22 11:42:13 Installed: perl.i386 4:5.8.8-4.el4s1
    Oct 22 11:42:13 Installed: php-common.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:16 Installed: mysql-libs.i386 5.0.48-1.el4.centos
    Oct 22 11:42:17 Installed: mysqlclient14.i386 4.1.22-1.el4s1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:17 Updated: unixODBC.i386 2.2.12-1.el4s1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:19 Installed: httpd.i386 2.0.59-1.el4s1.7.el4.centos
    Oct 22 11:42:20 Installed: php-pdo.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:20 Installed: autoconf.noarch 2.59-5
    Oct 22 11:42:21 Updated: postgresql-libs.i386 8.1.9-1.el4s1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:25 Installed: postgresql.i386 8.1.9-1.el4s1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:26 Installed: automake.noarch 1.9.2-3
    Oct 22 11:42:27 Installed: php-cli.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:27 Updated: php.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:28 Updated: php-pear.noarch 1:1.4.11-1.el4s1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:28 Installed: perl-Compress-Zlib.i386 1.42-1.el4
    Oct 22 11:42:29 Updated: perl-libwww-perl.noarch 5.805-1.1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:30 Updated: perl-DBI.i386 1.54-1.el4s1
    Oct 22 11:42:30 Updated: perl-DBD-MySQL.i386 3.0008-1.el4.centos
    Oct 22 11:42:32 Updated: mysql.i386 5.0.48-1.el4.centos
    Oct 22 11:42:32 Installed: postgresqlclient7.i386 7.4.17-1.el4s1.1
    Oct 22 11:42:36 Updated: postfix.i386 2:2.2.10-1.1.el4.centos.mysql_pgsql.plus
    Oct 22 11:42:36 Updated: php-ldap.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:37 Updated: php-mysql.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:38 Updated: php-devel.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:40 Updated: mysql-server.i386 5.0.48-1.el4.centos
    Oct 22 11:42:40 Updated: php-xmlrpc.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:41 Updated: php-imap.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:42 Updated: mysql-devel.i386 5.0.48-1.el4.centos
    Oct 22 11:42:42 Updated: php-gd.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:53 Installed: kernel.i686 2.6.9-55.0.9.plus.c4
    Oct 22 11:42:54 Updated: php-odbc.i386 5.1.6-3.el4s1.7
    Oct 22 11:42:57 Erased: perl-Filter
    Oct 22 11:42:59 Erased: httpd-suexec
    I didn't have any major problems after the upgrade, however I have some questions and I would like your help to clarify things:

    1) After the upgrade, php.ini, php.conf and httpd.conf were replaced by new versions. What was seemed to be missing from httpd.conf only, was the ISPConfig vhost entries at the end. I restarted both the httpd and ispconfig and I didn't see any change to the httpd.conf - so I added these entries at the end, taken from the old conf file. Is this normal? Should I had to wait for ISPConfig to do these changes after some time (or after an update)?

    2) perl-Filter and httpd-suexec were erased automatically after the upgrade. Is this normal?

    3) Now when I login in phpmyadmin, it shows this message:

    Your PHP MySQL library version 4.1.22 differs from your MySQL server version 5.0.48. This may cause unpredictable behavior.
    Although I can't see any 'unpredictable behaviour' till now, I want to ask if this is normal too, and if somebody knows how to fix it...

    4) How can I add the centosplus repo to be included by default for every yum updates in the future (meaning without the need for the command line switch --enablerepo=centosplus).

    5) [offtopic]Running crontab -l shows all the crontabs added by ISPConfig (like webalizer). In /etc/cron.daily however, I have another webalizer script, named 00webalizer, chmoded 755. Is this needed too? I don't know if it runs though... In the same dir, there is another script named 00-logwatch which runs normally...[/offtopic]

    Thank you very much in advance for helping me on these issues.

    Best regards,
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    1) ISPConfig is not changing httpd.conf after initial installation. If another software removes the ISPConfig entries from httpd.conf, you will have to add them manually again.

    3) You should install the mysql developemnt package for Mysql 5 and then download and install the latest ISPConfig version, the ISPConfih installer will recompile PHP for the new mysql version.

    5) The 00webalizer webalizer script is not needed.

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