CentOS 4.4 ~ cc: Command not found

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  1. domino

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    Sorry if this has already been posted. It wasn't corrected on the How-To page.

    On page 6 it states to install the newer zlib and I came to a brick wall with error message: cc: Command not found. It turns out that C+ compiler wasn't install by default and I wasn't instructed to install it before reaching this stage. To solve the problem, just run the following command.

    yum install gcc-c++

    Once you have C+ compiler installed clean the zlib directory and re-run configure.

    make clean
    ./configure --shared
    make install
    The second thing I wanted to point out is that you do not need to download all 4 disks anymore if you only need LAMP installed. There is a much smaller single Server Disk (~594mb) that will do the job.
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  2. falko

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    It is installed by default if you select Development Tools as shown on page two of the "Perfect Setup": http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect_setup_centos_4.4_p2 :)
  3. domino

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    Yes, but on the Server CD, C+ compiler isn't installed. I think most would rather download ~20mb from yum than downloading all 4 ISOs.

    CentOS-4.4.ServerCD-i386.iso	2006-Sep-15 21:32:51	579.8M	application/octet-stream
    Also using the methed I used, you will need to manually install "flex".


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