CENTOS 2 in 1 - Web Server + Internet giver (router role)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Sorin, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Sorin

    Sorin New Member

    Hello guys!
    I'm new in Linux.. and try find the solution, so look whats the problem. First of all - what we have:

    - PC (With CentOS 5.3 installed and configured as a web server LAMP), also it has 2 NIC interfaces.
    eth0 - - the IP ADDRESS PROVIDED from the ISP DHCP (this is external network) DNS provided by the ISP:
    nameserver1 >

    eth 01 - this is internal network.

    - And there is a laptop (Windows XP OS)... connected to the eth01 through cable.
    the network config:
    IP :
    Gateway> (my server ip eth 01 nic)

    !!! DNS servers:
    nameserver1 >
    (I wrote them as on the server)

    okay.. now I try ping.. it is all ok.. the packets are going in and out.. no loss.
    hmmm the network is working! great!
    Now, I want Internet on my laptop, I open Internet Explorer and I'm trying to open google.com... hmm it doesn't work, so.. than I write in proxy of Internet Explo the IP Port 80
    saved.. now introucing google.com in browser)) and i'm getting the apache welcome page from my server, I don't know what to try else. please help me to get the internet on laptop.Thx a lot guys!
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    When you ping external addresses can you go thru ? It seems like a NAT and forwarding issue to me. You need to allow ip forwarding on your centos server as well as configure NAT.

    About the proxy, by default apache does not proxy pages to outside networks as a security measure. if you want to use apache as a proxy you should configure it first.

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