cbpolicyd service is not starting

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ahsanmateen, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. ahsanmateen

    ahsanmateen New Member

    HI Gents,
    I have recently installed cbpolicyd on centos 6.5 64-bit. When I start the service it gives me the following error:-

    /etc/init.d/cbpolicyd start
    Starting cbpolicyd: Can't locate List/MoreUtils.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib/policyd-2.0 /usr/lib/policyd-2.0 /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Config/IniFiles.pm line 14.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Config/IniFiles.pm line 14.
    Compilation failed in require at /usr/sbin/cbpolicyd line 32.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/sbin/cbpolicyd line 32.

    Please help me out in this issue.
  2. Croydon

    Croydon ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Seems you are missing the List::MoreUtils perl package.
    Search for a package or install it through CPAN.
  3. ahsanmateen

    ahsanmateen New Member

    Dear Marius,
    Thanks for your help. I have installed List::MoreUtils. But cbpolicyd is still not starting. Now it is giving new error mentioned below:-

    /etc/init.d/cbpolicyd start
    Starting cbpolicyd: Can't locate cbp/dbilayer.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /usr/local/lib/policyd-2.0 /usr/lib/policyd-2.0 /usr/local/lib64/perl5 /usr/local/share/perl5 /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl /usr/lib64/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 .) at /usr/sbin/cbpolicyd line 39.
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/sbin/cbpolicyd line 39.
  4. ahsanmateen

    ahsanmateen New Member

    Dear All,
    After making some changes in /usr/sbin/cbpolicyd, cbpolicyd is started successfully. But I am unable to send any email from postfix. Please see the logs below and help me out:-

    tail /var/log/maillog

    Jan 13 00:06:29 smtp postfix/smtpd[6100]: connect from unknown[]
    Jan 13 00:06:55 smtppostfix/smtpd[6100]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 450 4.7.1 <[email protected]***.com>: Recipient address rejected: Access denied; from=<[email protected]***.net> to=<[email protected]***.com> proto=ESMTP helo=<LHRENG005190L>
    Jan 13 00:07:01 smtp postfix/smtpd[6100]: disconnect from unknown[]

    tail /var/log/cbpolicyd.log

    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 969] [CORE] INFO: Starting "1" children
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 1416] [CORE] INFO: 2014/01/13-00:06:55 CONNECT TCP Peer: "[::ffff:]:49992" Local: "[::ffff:]:10031"
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 1416] [PROTOCOLS/Postfix] DEBUG: Possible Postfix protocol
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 1416] [PROTOCOLS/Postfix] INFO: Identified Postfix protocol
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 6103] [CORE] DEBUG: Child Preforked (6103)
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 6103] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Starting up caching engine
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 1416] [TRACKING] ERROR: Failed to select session tracking info: cbp::dblayer:: DBSelect(107): Error executing select: Unknown column 'Timestamp' in 'field list'
    [2014/01/13-00:06:55 - 1416] [CBPOLICYD:1416] DEBUG: Error getting session data
    [2014/01/13-00:07:25 - 969] [CORE] INFO: Killing "1" children
    [2014/01/13-00:07:25 - 1416] [CBPOLICYD] DEBUG: Shutting down caching engine (1416)
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  5. Croydon

    Croydon ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    It seems you have not successfully set up cbpolicyd.
    The messages say that it is missing columns (ore the complete table) of the cbpolicyd database.
  6. criarsiteweb

    criarsiteweb New Member

    With your current log, I see some errors.

    Such as missing perl packages, install the packages for policyd:
    yum install perl-Net-Server perl-Config-IniFiles perl-Cache-FastMmap perl-Mail-SPF php php-pdo php-mysqli -y

    You will also need the rpm required to policyd well as correct start, do this:
    rpm -i cluebringer-2.0.10-1.el6.rf.noarch.rpm

    Then (check cluebringer version is v2.0.14):
    cd ~/cluebringer-v2.0.14

    NOTE: Make sure that the postfix maps are OK, and make sure to have filled out correctly
    check_policy_service inet:
    in smtpd_recipient_restrictions and smtpd_end_of_data_restrictions

    Good luck

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