Can't send or recieve mail [ubuntu]

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by Rage9, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Rage9

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    Followed this guild here:

    After a bunch of fiddling I finally got it to internally all me to mail users that where in my DB [from my command line using mailx at least]. I can also log into the accounts via SquirrelMail.

    For some reason or another I can not mail outside of the the system or receive mails into the system.

    Either way you go it returns an error of: No Such User Here.

    So now I'm tearing my hair out, any thoughts?
  2. Rage9

    Rage9 New Member

    Even more confusing, I can send and receive mails from my Yahoo account, but I several e-mails set up on some shared hosting over at HostGator. That's where these errors are happening.
  3. Rage9

    Rage9 New Member

    Turns out its all about the server not properly authenticating, example here:

    Anyone know how to properly set it up?
  4. Rage9

    Rage9 New Member

    Well, as it turns out I had the domain still attached to the shared hosting account after I changed it to point to the new server. After removing that it's all gravy!

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