Can't recreate deleted user / e-mail address

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kentis, Jul 16, 2008.

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    SW/OS: I am running 2.2.21 on Ubuntu 6.06

    A strange issue occurred on a client's domain. I changed a users e-mail address and name within Users/E-mail, but the mailbox did not seem to receive any e-mail.

    I then decided to delete it and recreate the user / e-mail address / mailbox. After I pressed delete, the user did not, as per usual, move to the recycle bin. Instead, it just disappeared (I checked admin and resellers' Recycle Bin), and is no longer on the Users / E-mail list.

    Now, when I try to recreate the user, or even a different username with the same e-mail address, it refuses, stating: "Duplicate e-mail address".

    I have looked in the database, and under 'isp_isp_user' the deleted user is still there and has no different fields compared to the other users.

    What can I do? Even thinking about editing the db scares me.
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  2. Hans

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    I've teached this from our ISPConfig expert Till: ;)

    How to remove duplicate e-mail address from the ISPConfig database:

    Yes, you will have to remove this entry manually from the databae. Please follow these steps:

    1) make a backup of the sql database!
    2) Find the entry in the database table isp_isp_user were user_username = mydomain.com_a, write down the doc_id and doctype_id from this record. Now delete the record.
    3) Delete the record from the table isp_nodes where the doc_id and doctype_is are identically with the id's from the record in 2). There is just one record in this table that matches this criteria.
    4) Delete the record from the table isp_dep where child_doc_id = doc_id from 2) and child_doctype_id = doctype_id from 2) There is just one record in this table that matches this criteria.

    NOTE: This information is for this special case, normally you should not delete any users from the database!
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    Thanks Hans (and the Almighty Till & Falko), that solved the problem. This community support is awe inspiring, its better than Micro$oft's commercial support! :D

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