Can't receive emails postfix/dovecot and other doubts

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by eidosmatrix, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. eidosmatrix

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    Hi people, I'm new in the community. I installed a CentOS 5.6 with ISPConfig3 following the Perfect Setup Guide. I'm having some troubles and doubts.

    1st: I setted up the email service w/postfix+dovecot and I can receive mails from localhost in all domains (I configured more than 1 domains). So in the main domain (that have dns created in goddady like I can receive mail from outside (gmail by example) but can't receive from outside in my others domains (ex. Any idea? I'm supecting of dns zones.
    Should I create a dns zone for each domain with records like:
    Zone 1:
    Zone 2:
    Zone 3: [...] ?
    Or just a main zone with my primary domain?

    2nd: When I setup a new site I select Auto-Subdomain: www for catch both option (with and whitout www prefix)but nothing... www. doesn't work. I'm pretty lost at this point.

    3rd: I buyed a VPS and I don't have a traditional fstab (just none / none defaults) and off course quota not work... at least installed like the guide way. How do you manage HD quotas?

    Ok... too much for now.
    I 'll appreciate some help!

  2. falko

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    Please check if your MX records point to the correct server. You can check that like this:
    dig mx
    Do DNS records exist for www, and do they point to the correct server?

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