Can't reach website or default website on webserver

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    I have an Ubuntu Server 10.04 with ISPconfig 3.

    Doing (local server ip) and the page "it works" appears!
    Trying from the outside with "mystaticip" it doesn't work!? Tried everything, including "mystaticip:80" Tried "mydomain.tld" which is pointed at the webserver ip from a working nameserver. I opened port 80 in my router/firewall along with the other ports to be opened. And forwardet port 80 to the server ip.

    Question: how does the webserver/ISPconfig 3 know how to handle such a request? Http://mydomain.tld --> webserverip -->
    router says --> port80 goto Great! But how does it know which client/domain it is and which htdocs to load?

    Sorry, but I am not sure how to explain the problem - so any kind of help would be great.

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    Please make sure that your provider does not block port 80.

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