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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Cracklefish, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I am migrating to a new machine (Debian Stretch) using your Moving ISPConfig tutorial.
    I cannot login to ISPConfig using admin:admin.
    Possibly this is because I used mysqldump --all-databases from the old machine which used to work in the past. The old machine is running v3.1.11 The old machine's password won't work either. Deleting the admin password in the sys_user table has no effect.
    The only obvious error is that the ISPConfig title is missing from the login form.
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    Thanks for the help. Sorry I couldn't respond yesterday, I had to deal with fires in another part of the empire!
    It's now running, not sure what was wrong. I made one error, I thought that if I deleted the password in sys_user table the login would default to admin:admin. I copied over the password from the old system and all is now working. I had checked the hash before I deleted it and it looked correct, so not sure what was going on. I even have the ISPC banner back on the login form. Must have been a gremlin!

    Spoke too soon!
    Can't login to ISPConfig and I get 2 error messages from phpmyadmin:-
    mysqli_real_connect() (HY000/1025) Access denied for user '[email protected]' (using password YES)
    Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed
    Apart from that phpmyadmin functions normally, I can read and edit all tables.
    If I try to reset the admin password to default using:
    UPDATE sys_user SET passwort=md5('admin') WHERE [email protected]';
    the response is
    #1054 Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause'
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