"Can't load DH parameters" errors after upgrading to Debian 10

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    I created a clone of a production server running Debian 8 (originally based on Debian 7).
    I upgraded it to Debian 9 and then to Debian 10. I believe I've followed the necessary steps in the Perfect Server guide to ensure I have all the packages needed, and I went through configuration files to ensure they are all current.
    But when I run the ispconfig3_install/install/update.php script from the most recent version of ISPConfig, I receive errors:

    Configuring Dovecot
    Creating new DHParams file, this takes several minutes. Do not interrupt the script.
    142+0 records in
    142+0 records out
    142 bytes copied, 0.000608347 s, 233 kB/s
    unable to load DH parameters
    140050755384448:error:0D0680A8:asn1 encoding routines:asn1_check_tlen:wrong tag:../crypto/asn1/tasn_dec.c:1130:
    140050755384448:error:0D07803A:asn1 encoding routines:asn1_item_embed_d2i:nested asn1 error:../crypto/asn1/tasn_dec.c:290:Type=DHparams

    Trying to fetch mails from this server results in errors in /var/log/mail.err:
    Mar 8 17:54:17 upgradetest-2-isp dovecot: imap-login: Error: Failed to initialize SSL server context: Can't load DH parameters: error:1408518A:SSL routines:ssl3_ctx_ctrl:dh key too small: user=<>, rip=**********, lip=**********, session=<cFRSk1ugf/klzX/N>

    I wonder if this is related to the following bug report:
    But since it is marked as fixed, I must have done something wrong. I just can't figure out what.

    What can I do to resolve the problem ?

    - Thanks
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