Cant instal ubuntu 8.04 with software raid

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Meskis, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Hi, I have red the HOW TO create software raid on Ubuntu in this net, but I cant create the raid by folowing this how to. I have spare mashine P4 with Abit AL8 motherboard and 2 SATA WD1200 HDD, it looks cool for my needs. I want to crate raid 1 on it with Ubuntu 8.04 server. But when I creating partitions on sda and sdb (40GB, 1.2GB, 78.8GB) and want to configure raid (creating md devices), I geting error - there is no linux raid partitions, or they in use (or something). When I try to delet md devices, that already apears for some reason, /dev/md0 device, it contains sdb[0] and sda[1] inactive partitions (I do not created that device) geting error: "there was an error deleting the multidisk device. It may be in use.". After I deleting some parttition and creating it again I can specify the md devices (sda1 sdb1, sda2 sdb2, sda3 sdb3), after I pres finish the md devices do not apears.
    Where is the problem, does Ubuntu do not suport that motherboard or hdd.
    Thanks for your answers.
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    After you create a partition, don't forget to set the type to "Linux raid autodetect" (type FD).

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    Software RAID

    I had a similar problem when installing Fedora on a software RAID 1. The solution to my problem was making sure that my swap partitions weren't in a RAID. I just created a separate swap partition on each drive and that solved my problem.
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    I can attest that I followed the How To mentioned in the previos post by Falko. Although it was written for Debian Etch, it worked fine for my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS 64 bit server configuration.

    I did run into some issues on a second install with the same drives where it appeared that there were remnants of the previous raid configuration. If I remember correctly, I just reformatted the drives before continuing on with the installation.

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