Can't download emails with large file attachment Dovecot on Centos

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by sussane, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. sussane

    sussane New Member

    I am using CentOS 5.9 with postfix+dovecot v1.0.7
    I have problem in downloading emails with attachment of more than 3MB via my email client. (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc) I can send emails out with more than 3MB without any problem, whereas i can't download emails.

    Following is the error i found on maillog
    dovecot: pop3-login: SSL_write() syscall failed: Bad file descriptor

    After this the email client stops downloading emails.

    What could be the problem ? Please help me fix this . Thank You
  2. rosehosting

    rosehosting Member

  3. sussane

    sussane New Member

    Thanks for the reply rosehosting, yes i've already set the login_process_size to 64 and higher but the problem still persist only with dovecot-pop. Whereas dovecot-imap works fine.

    Any other clues to fix this problem ?

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