can't completely clean the harddrive in unbuntu VM, after download and delete

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by qiubosu, Jun 9, 2012.

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    dear sir,

    i use ubuntu VM as server. recently i downloaded a lot files, say a total of 5 GB, so the VM size increased. Before the download, the ubuntu VM size is 15 GB. After download 5 GB files, the VM size is 20 GB. But when delete all the downloaded 5 GB files (rm file1 file2 file3 ......), the VM size is still very closed to 20 GB (it should be closed to 15 GB). Even clean the files under /lost+found, /tmp, /Trash directories, but the VM size is still very closed to 20 GB. This is very strange.

    Why those downloaded files can't be completely removed and how to do this?
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    both of Linux host and VM are under Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. but for the VM, it is Oracle VirtualBox, not VMWare, and the its Virtual Disk file extension is .vdi. how to shrink the VitualBox Virtual Disk file (.vdi) in this case?
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    oops, use the "VBoxManage modifyvdi file.vdi compact", but just shrink the file.vdi from 20 GB to 19.9 GB (it should be shrinked to 15 GB). any better way?

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