Can't access statistics & Couldn't FTP after creating second website/same client

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    Ubuntu Server 12.04
    ISPconfig3 (specified beneath)

    1. After trying to create a second website CP/Sites/Websites, same user but new domain, both ftp access fails. After deleting the new website ftp access returned, but, I can't access the statistic of the first domain. The domain/websites that has been there all the time.
    Can it be because I'm creating a second website using the same user? A user (me) created under CP/Client/Clients ??

    2. The statistic access suddenly worked after 15 minutes, how long is the update before a change has been made till it works from the outside?

    Is it not the usual way to do it, if you have e.g. 5 domains and websites, then you create the websites using the same client/username (your self)?? Or is it better to make new usernames/clients for each domain/website?
    I noticed the webdir was the same for both domains/websites "client1/web1"
    if I'm not mistaking.

    The short version:
    Is it possible to add a new website using the same client/username?? Or will there be a conflict somehow? I don't think so, I just don't understand why non could be accessed after doing so??
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    Yes, a client can have as many websites as you like, its not limited in any way.

    60 seconds. you can see that in the jobqueue of the ispconfig monitor.

    This cant be the case, each website gets is own Linux user, just the group is the same when a site belongs to the same client. Maybe you added the second domain as alias domain and not as new website?

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