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Discussion in 'General' started by Stewart81, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Stewart81

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    Hi. I was adjusting some settings on a domain and I accidentally deleted a co-domain without the www which was I'm guessing meant to enable the domain minus the www. When I did this I was able to access the site with the www but not without the www but then when I attempted to re-add this it kept telling me that the domain was already in use. I then attempted to delete the primary domain and recreate it but now I can't access that domain at all. It keeps informing me that it is a shared IP and that I need to access it using a specified domain. I am guessing that something is incorrect in the configuration file for apache but I can't figure out where this information is being stored.

    Anyone know how I can go about recreating the domain manually for apache so it will start working again?


  2. VerSo

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    Look in recycle bin! All deleted domains,sites, dns records are mv there. Empty recycle bin or restore deleted data!
    Good luck!

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