cannot run postfix with spamassassin

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    well, i think i can at least make things work once for a time:

    in the file /etc/amavis/conf.d/05-domain_id it says:
    chomp($mydomain = `head -n 1 /etc/mailname`);
    # amavisd-new needs to know which email domains are to be considered local
    # to the administrative domain.  Only emails to "local" domains are subject
    # to certain functionality, such as the addition of spam tags.
    # Default local domains to $mydomain and all subdomains.  Remember to
    # override or redefine this if $mydomain is changed later in the config
    # sequence.
    #@local_domains_acl = ( ".$mydomain" );
    @local_domains_acl = ( "" );
    1;  # ensure a defined return
    /etc/mailname contains:

    it seems that the chomp($mydomain = `head -n 1 /etc/mailname`); doesn't work properly?

    i uncommented the default @local_domain_acl and replace with my manually added "" then the X-Spam tag appears in my header (of course i have to set $sa_tag_level_deflt to undef)

    but does it means SA can only put its eyes on domains (what it means 'local domain') maintained by my email server? what if i have more than one-- or a list of - virtual domains? and if the server works as a relay server, so SA will have nothing to do with the emails going thru it?

    anybody helps me out?
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