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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bmwpingvinen, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. bmwpingvinen

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    I just set up a new box with Fedora Core 6 and ISPConfig. I think I am starting to get a grip on it now, but one thing frustrates me - I cannot reach the webistes I create with ISPConfig. I only get the standard "Fedora Core Test Page". I created a site and expected to se the standard generated welcome page (which I can see if I look in the file structure on the server) but no way. I also created with squirrelmail according to the howto, but also this one only shows the Fedora page, same thing if I try to reach ISPConfig on port 81.

    I think I have got the DNS right because I get this page from the right server... The server is behind a Zyxel firewall but all traffic on port 80 and 81 is forwarded to the internal IP of this new fedora box.

    I would appreciate any hints from any of you guys that has been there before me. Used to know RH pretty good but I have been out of it for 3 years now.. forgetting too fast I am afraid.

  2. till

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    Have you selecetd the internal IP in the website settings in ISPConfig for your websites? It must be the same IP where you forwarded port 81 to.
  3. bmwpingvinen

    bmwpingvinen New Member

    No, I was wondering about that one... Where should I put the internal IP for it to be available in the dropdown box of the website settings?
    I was unshure how internal IPs would interfere with the real IP in the DNS setup...
    This box is primary ns for 4 domains now and should give the real IP for those to the world, right.
  4. mphayesuk

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    Use the management console in ISPConfig and you can add/edit/delete the ip addresses that are available for your web sites.
  5. bmwpingvinen

    bmwpingvinen New Member

    That did the trick for sure :) get the standard ISPConfig welcome page now.
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