Cannot port forward sagem [email protected] modem to home test server running virtualbox

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    Hi guys,
    I have
    Windows 10 (64bit) laptop with virtualbox (32bit) ubuntu server(32bit) wirelessly connected to sagem router.
    Laptop ip address on our netwrok is and gateway is
    When i go to tbe router it is detecting the virtualbox server running.
    ipconfig in windows command says that ethernet adapter virtualbox host only network ip address is

    I cannot port forward tcp port 80 to the virtualbox ubuntu server...comes up with an invalid ip address error.

    Also, if i run a wamp on the laptop directly and not use virtualbox (ie bitnami wamp), router port forwards to it and works no problem from internet.

    Finally, when i first setup virtualbox, it refused to get internet access with adapter set to "bridged" mode. I had to change adapter mode to "nat'...then it got outgoing internet access immediately.

    so my confusion is i need to simply set the virtual box adapter to "bridged" and port forward only to the laptop ip address from sagem router/modem or, am i doing something else wrong?

    I feel that perhaps i need to also port forward the "nat" in virtualbox using the current setup? Is this correct?

    I need a bit of an outline on this setup...its been a while since i have done it at home.
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  2. Taleman

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    Run traceroute on the ubuntu server to see the chain of routers to the outside world. Then set port forwarding to all routers in that chain.

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