Cannot login to SSH with un-jailed user (including root)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by kserxes, Oct 12, 2013.

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    I have recently installed ispconfig on a Debian Wheezy virtual server (using a Perfect Server guide) and everything seemed to run smoothly afterwards. But since I have logged out of the server after the installation I am no longer able to login via ssh as a non-jailed user including root (I have installed jailkit before ispconfig according to the guide).

    I have created a shell user in the web interface which logs in fine but as it is jailed/chrooted and of course cannot su it is hard to change any config (and normally that would be a good thing).

    But when logging in with the user I used to (and su'ed afterwards) I only get a "Permission denied, please try again." in the SSH login. I am 100% sure I use the correct password.

    Does jailkit or ipsconfig somehow fiddle with existing users or their passwords?
    At the moment I have a server which is running fine but I don't have much control over, so not an "ideal" situation. I would like to supply any logs but without proper access that is quite hard ;).

    Maybe someone has an idea or experienced a similar situation and knows what to do and how to save me from a reinstall.

    I have searched the forums but couldn't fine a thread with a similar problem.

    I am running ispconfig and jailkit 2.13.

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    Hmmm..... nevermind. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the ones you think of last. As I couldn't restart the system via ssh I did a hard-reset on the virtual machine.
    After it came back I can log back into SSH with my un-jailed user and can also su with a shell user (created with ispconfig) that is using no Chroot shell.

    Seems like after the first reboot something did not come up correctly :confused:.

    Anyway all good now ;).


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