Cannot join windos pc to Samba PDC with LDAP beckend.

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  1. aagjaket

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    Cannot join windows pc to Samba PDC with LDAP beckend.

    Hi all,

    I have just configured SAMBA with LDAP backend using following tutorials...

    CentOS 5.x Samba Domain Controller With LDAP Backend

    everything is configured perfectly as stated in tutorial no single error received during configuration.

    However after configuration when I am trying to add a windows xp pc in my domain it is throwing me an error message as:

    Logon failure: bad username or password.

    I have tried the exact username and password but no luck. I even tried combination of\root DOMAIN\root and password but no luck.

    Your kind help is highly appreciated.

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  2. aagjaket

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    I m really disheartened that still no response from anyone... I was thinking to make the server Live in production environment but I think I will have to stick to the Windows 2008 Server only... well thanks all for your help...
  3. falko

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    I would have loved to help, but I'm no PDC/LDAP expert... :(
  4. rashid

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    You try samba pdc with out ldap. its to easy.
    Rashid khan

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