Cannot install OpenVZ on 10.04

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    Hello Falco,

    I tried your instruction "Installing And Using OpenVZ On Ubuntu 10.04" but after the line:

    fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-ovz32 --revision=1.0 kernel_image kernel_header"
    I get this error message:

    ====== making target debian/stamp/conf/minimal_debian [new prereqs: ]======
    This is kernel package version 12.032.
    test -d debian || mkdir debian
    test ! -e stamp-building || rm -f stamp-building
    install -p -m 755 /usr/share/kernel-package/rules debian/rules
    for file in ChangeLog Control Control.bin86 config rules; do \
    cp -f /usr/share/kernel-package/$file ./debian/; \
    for dir in Config docs examples ruleset scripts pkg po; do \
    cp -af /usr/share/kernel-package/$dir ./debian/; \
    test -f debian/control || sed -e 's/=V/' \
    -e 's/=D/1.0/g' -e 's/=A/amd64/g' \
    -e 's/=SA//g' \
    -e 's/=I//g' \
    -e 's/=CV/2.6/g' \
    -e 's/=M/echo "CONCURRENCY_LEVEL := 2" >> /etc/kernel-pkg.conf <echo "CONCURRENCY_LEVEL := 2" >> /etc/kernel-pkg.conf>/g' \
    -e 's/=ST/linux/g' -e 's/=B/x86_64/g' \
    /usr/share/kernel-package/Control > debian/control
    sed: -e expression #7, char 41: unknown option to `s'
    make: *** [debian/stamp/conf/minimal_debian] Error 1
    Failed to create a ./debian directory: No such file or directory at /usr/bin/make-kpkg line 971.

    My kernel version is: 2.6.32-38-server.

    Any idea what is wrong?

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