Can`t install Xen on centos 6

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  1. iahmedamer

    iahmedamer New Member

    Hello folks,
    i am new to linux.I am trying to install xen on centos 6.

    I am using the following tutorial :

    once i excute

    #yum install kernel-xen xen

    Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, refresh-packagekit
    Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
    * base:
    * epel:
    * extras:
    * rpmforge:
    * updates:
    Setting up Install Process
    No package kernel-xen available.
    No package xen available.
    Error: Nothing to do

    Any help?
  2. zinnium

    zinnium New Member

  3. iahmedamer

    iahmedamer New Member

    Hello ,
    should i pay money to subscribe in RHN?
  4. zinnium

    zinnium New Member

    No, but there is issues with the current repositories lacking a lot right now. I have had issues with php and mysql versions with cent0s 6.

    You will have to connect to some of the optional ones or some of the Fendora ones.

    If anything, just download the the source and compile it.

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