Can someone please help me with understanding DNS!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by MetraDynamix, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. MetraDynamix

    MetraDynamix New Member

    I would appreciate for someone to assist me with the following DNS questions!

    Basically I own 1 domain. I have a static IP on a cable modem.
    I have setup Ubuntu 6.06 + ISPConfig (latest version).

    My goal is the following. I wish to host 3- web sites from my cable connection for now. Low-bandwith requirements, thus this should be good for now.

    At the same time I wish to learn from this experience and get familiar with the entire setup for a co-location setup in the future.

    I have attempted to read multiple articles regarding the DNS configuration. I just cannot grasp the fundamentals of how it all works. At this point and time, I own 1 domain and have 2 clients that own their own domains as well.

    I have 1 static public IP provided by my ISP. I went to my registrar which is and removed their 2 Name Servers; I replaced them with my Internet IP. Tus my Internet IP is now there for primary and secondary, and if I understand correctly this should work but simply not provide me with any redundancy. Yesterday during Trial, I had this somewhat working in a VM. When I would place it would give me the index.html of that site that I made under ISPConfig. Port fowarded is DNS, Web, etc.. from my router to the ISPConfig server which has a IP Address of

    If I would go in browser and place http://myipaddress it would show me a ISPConfig page that would state that this IP is shared... and to use a domain name or such. From what I understood was that ISPConfig somewhat looks at the incoming request and then uses the Symlink of that request for the proper web directory...

    Now today, I re-installed everything on a physical PC because I was having issues with Flash, and I was considering that something was not properly configured on my end. Now when I digg my domain it shows me the IP internal IP of .... I think that I messed up because when I created the site today on a fresh install; I choose the options Create DNS and Create DNS MX; which I had not done before... now nothing works... I am accessing this from a completely different PC on the internet thus no loopback problem as a possibility... It seems that when I put from this PC, that Internic, my registrar sends/converts the request to my Internet IP, which forwards that request to my ISPConfig Box, which then messes-up and shows a which is the internal NAT ip...

    Can anyone explain to me in very simple terms if what I am trying to do is possible? Meaning that I only have 1 server or want 1 server which has Ubuntu 6.06 + ISPConfig and I want to serve and manage a small quantity of web sites...

    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Ben

    Ben ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Seems to work now?
    Cause looks up to any 6x... IP which belongs to rogers cable company....

    Only the MX record can not be found....

    Can you post you bind files here?
  3. MetraDynamix

    MetraDynamix New Member

    Thanks! I appreciate your assistance. You see I think that I messed up here at work right now.. I just put that other box VM back online now... I think that when I do it from work, it is messed-up because of our network and DNS caching still remembers the old box. Anyhow please tell me how to post this Bind and I will be happy to do so!

    As well, from what I understand MX is for mail correct? Well I do not have SMTP 25 forwarded to that box in my router. Only POP-3 110. From what I understand my ISP blocks Port 25. To me this is not a big issue, as I do not need mail. I just want to manage Web Servers with FTP.
  4. falko

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