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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jivko790, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. jivko790

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    can some one help .. i have install ispconfig fresh but domain show code (>>> $page_id = $db_url_page['page_id']; $page_name = $db_url_page['page_name']; $page_url = $db_url_page['page_url']; $page_title = $db_url_page['page_title']; $description = $db_url_page['description']; $keywords = $db_url_page['keywords']; $page_h1 = $db_url_page['page_h1']; $page_desc = $db_url_page['page_desc']; $lang = $db_url_page['lang']; $include_page = $db_url_page['page_file']; mysql_close(); $meta_title = $page_title; $h1 = $page_h1; $p_desc = $page_desc; $show_tags_in_footer = 1; $show_right_banners = 1; $show_profile_right_info = 0; include("header.php"); include($include_page); i
    which module i have to install all ready apache2 install
  2. Taleman

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    Hard to guess what is wrong. Can you start the installation again from the beginning with an empty host? And be very careful you do everything correctly.
  3. till

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    Did you enable PHP for that website in the website settings in ISPConfig? Which PHP mode did you select?
  4. looks like ispconfig is not installed correctly

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