can not reach websites after changing gateway

Discussion in 'General' started by Sheshman, Apr 2, 2022.

  1. Sheshman

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    Until next week i was using pfsense as gateway but updated to fortigate, after update i've opened necessary ports and confirmed that all necessary ports are reachable (tested on, but i can not reach my websites from outer world, for example, if i add records to my host file as "" - "" i can reach to website but if i delete it returns "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN", when i check A record through it seems like my A record is not working, checked with domain panel everything seems correct and it was working until i change the gatewtay.

    When i created a new website as it worked well, but my old websites can not be reachable from outer world.

    Tested necessary ports over and over again but ports are open and there are no error on ISPCONFIG's monitor section.

    What else should i check?
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  2. Taleman

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    Is your DNS server on that same host behind the fortigate?
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  3. Sheshman

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    yes it is, i don't have second ispconfig for,i've one ispconfig server and just forwarding domains with glue record to my ispconfig server.
  4. Taleman

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    Have you opened port for name service, I think it is 43? It looks line your name server is not reachable now.
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  5. Sheshman

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    I think you mean 53 because according to this article there is no such port as 43 , 53 DNS port is open and reachable, the strange thing is my old websites stopped to work but if i create a new one and forward to my server with glue record then that domain works o_O

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