Can MyDNS+Config be used as a DynDNS server?

Discussion in 'General' started by DVS, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. DVS

    DVS New Member

    The title sais it all.

    Can MyDNS and MyDNS Config be used to play
    the role of a Dynamic DNS server like for instance and all the other Dynamic DNS providers
    out there.

    (I know - why go thru the trouble of setting this up,
    why don't I just use or any of the others -
    is the question you want to ask. It is simple, we get
    "local" ADSL where I come from and when you have
    a "local" account, you don't get access to any of
    the Dynamic DNS hosts. I have the servers, I have
    the IP's, so why the h3ll not is how I see it.)

    A "yes" or "no" and perhaps a URL if needed will do fine.

    Thanx a mill!
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Generally it can be used as Dynamic DNS-Server. But you will have to write some scripts that update the IP addresses of your DNS-Records dynamically in the database.
  3. DVS

    DVS New Member


    So out of the box - No.

    Now if only I had some skills.... :(
  4. silverdomains

    silverdomains New Member

    working on something like that :). will let you know when i have something out :)
  5. mjcrank

    mjcrank New Member

    need ddns / mydns / mydnsconfig solution

    Can anyone point me to a working script, or a definition of the modifications required for
    1) an address update, and
    2) a new machine addition?

    Though I've put some time into this, I'm approaching the deadline and I'm not convinced that I'm updating the tables correctly. Here's a little background:

    I use dns applliances within each of several cloned test systems and I use MyDNSConfig to initialize them. There are some dynamic addresses I have to deal with and I need a ddns update solution.

    I found 'dyndns.php' (the server process) and '" (the client) at

    This seems promising and with a few changes, I've been able to see it update both 'rr' and 'soa' but it does not update all fields and it does not seem to handle the PTR record.

    But now it turns out that I'm having a bit of trouble resolving names added with the gui and using 'dig' against the mydns server as well. Because this project is one of several, I haven't been able to stay on it as I'd like and I may have to start with a fresh install.

    So time is running out, and I'd really appreciate pointers, an example script, some sql, an API....

    Thanks for any help,
  6. miljan

    miljan New Member

    Hi mjcrank, I am glad you found my script useful. :)

    Could you please tell me what modifications did you make to the script and to perform what exactly? It should work out of the box so no changes should be needed (except for the initial configuration of course). Also, which fields would you like to see updated that are not being updated already?

    As for the PTR, if you want I can update the script to perform PTR update as well. Just let me know.

  7. mjcrank

    mjcrank New Member

    dyndns.php tweaks

    Miljan, thanks for the script and the reply.

    I made just a couple of changes for my use. (the file is attached) Here are my notes:

    # ereg() was deprecated, replaced with preg_match()
    # debug 'echo's added
    # insert fields to allow deletion from the gui

    Regarding the reverse records, I added a record from the GUI (mydnsconfig) and that created the new reverse zone. After that, my next dynamic entry showed up with a PTR record so, with a slight change in deployment, I might get away without asking for changes. It's late and I didn't verify this by starting from scratch.

    Again, thanks for the script and if you make any changes, I'd like to know.


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  8. jjohnssmith

    jjohnssmith New Member

    Make sure you have "allow-axfr = yes" and "listen =" or "listen = *" in /etc/mydns.conf.
    dig @localhost -t axfr

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