can ispconfig 'adopt' existing MySQL databases?

Discussion in 'General' started by Stokesy, Mar 3, 2022.

  1. Stokesy

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    I have an ubuntu LAMP server that has been migrated a dozen times over the years and databases have been created/added in an ad-hoc fashion without using ispconfig. I am now preparing to migrate to a new server using the ispconfig migration tool and I am wondering - is there any way to get ispconfig configured sites to 'take ownership' of existing databases? Otherwise the migration only moves the site files and I am left having to manually migrate the databases...
  2. Taleman

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    I doubt the migration tool can deal with a situation where the source server is not properly configured. Does ISPConfig even work OK there?
    Are the lots of sites and databases on the source server? I would just copy manually the websites and databases to the target server, creating user and website manually.
  3. Stokesy

    Stokesy Member

    Hi - All the sites have been created using ISPConfig - just the databases were all made manually using MySQL cli. THe sites all migrate OK and ISPConfig works fine - just have to migrate the DBs manually to get the sites working...
  4. till

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    Databases and database users that were not created in ISPConfig can not be migrated automatically as neither ISPConfig nor the Migration Tools are aware that they exist. You would have to dump the database contents, delete the databases and users you created manually and then create the database and database users in ISPconfig and import the database content to make ISPConfig aware of them and to be able to migrate them automatically.
  5. Stokesy

    Stokesy Member

    Thanks Till. I was a bit hopeful as I remember seeing this feature in CPanel or Plesk a while back... But they do cost rather a lot more money! ISPConfig is a great product :)

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