can i use php4 and php5 on my fc6 ?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by octopus, May 1, 2007.

  1. octopus

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    I have ispconfig latest version white php5 and mysql5 apache2,

    but can i use php4 white php5 i read somthing about suphp but can i use this for FC6 ?
  2. till

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    Generally, SuPHP should work with FC6 too. Or you use PHP4 as CGI an leave your current mod_php5 installation untouched. You can add the directives to enable php4 as cgi in the apache directives field of the websites.
  3. octopus

    octopus New Member

    Hello Till,

    Sorry my Engels is not so good  but if I install php4-cgi than should php4 based scripts gone work ?


    If I install php4-cgi must edit ?? ispconfig or can install and should work?

    Is there some how to about this I read much about suphp.

    Greetz richard
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