Can I use ISPConfig on UBUNTU 11.04 to host a few domains on a dynamic IP?

Discussion in 'General' started by Homayoun, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Homayoun

    Homayoun New Member

    Hello everyone

    I have a few personal websites (few domains) that would like to host them at home. I just installed UBUNTU 11.04 on my PC, have got a domain that point to external DNS from “” that I have setup with.

    I have no dedicated IP, it is basically a dynamic external IP that changes from time to time, which gets updated using the DynDNS account and setup through my router.

    Now, my question is:

    Can I use ISPConfig for my need of hosting a few domain at home on a dynamic IP?

    I just got done setting up the PC as server and all the configurations work good and can see my webpage from outside on the domain with no problem, and am looking for a way to have a few personal websites on the same server. I am hoping you guys can steer to the right direction.

    Thank you in advance for your thought.

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes, thats no problem. Just select the internal IP address in the website settings and make sure thyt you forwarded port 80 from your router to your server.
  3. Homayoun

    Homayoun New Member

    Thanks Till, I have already assigned the port 80 to the server and am able to see my webpage from outsite my network, which is a good sign that it's been done correctly :).

    Since I am a newbie to the Linux world and hosting locally for that matter, it's going to be a bit of learning curve for me. I initially installed EHCP, don't know if had it misconfigured or what, had some issues that I was not too happy, then I was unable to uninstall it, which caused me to reinstall the UBUNTU. Anyways, I am not blaming ehcp, most likely my own lack of experience and being new to the Linux world. That's why I need a control panel that can help me with my needs. I sure can use anyother help and input with this.
  4. cyadron

    cyadron New Member

    It is possible if you use

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