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    Hello, HowtoForge. It's been a while since my last visit-- uncertain, but likely not since the Fedora Core days. I'm apprehensive over the best approach to this question-- maybe you can help me: here's the basic unfolding...

    First of all, consider the source: I'm an ex-Fedora user, having been out-of-the-loop (completely) for a while (on Win @ some Workplace), who came back, chronologically, several upgrades beyond FC5 around Fedora 8 to find SELinux had been granted more [default] control over the system. Having not the expertise to turn the evolved Fedora back to an operational state more familiar to me, I've come to be more of an Ubuntu user.

    Without practice and continued maintenance, the skill of Linux operation-- rather, perhaps, Linux Desktop-- it seems, has diminished. I believe the so-called ease of use introduced with Ubuntu serves to exacerbate the diminishing, but I digress! [apologies, all around...]

    The Question:
    Fact: the gnome-screensaver displays nothing, on attempted use of the "Pictures Folder" slideshow setting (not GLSlideshow here).
    Fact: this user has renamed the default Pictures (Ubuntu: Gnome), to _username_Pictures.
    Fact: a symbolic link named "Pictures", in /home/_username_/ , points to a preferred "Images" container.

    Using the basic GUI controls of [Ubuntu] > GnomePanel > System > Preferences > Screensaver: I am troubled that I can not select a preferred folder ; point to what is the proper Pictures Folder (i realize this is a deficiency of the desktop application, gnome-screensaver, in particular-- and not a sys config issue-- of course)

    How do I use the gnome-screensaver, set to "Pictures Folder", such that the results are an operational screensaver which displays the contents of the "Pictures Folder"? (i.e. not unlike that of a Windows XP Screen saver setting of "My Pictures Slideshow"...)

    Further Consideration...
    I consider the question, above, and it occurs to me: perhaps this is an Environment Variable issue. I am unable to proceed further for uncertainty over ENV VAR config. For example: Let's assume there is an ENV VAR, "Pictures"; If renaming /home/user/Pictures to /home/user/UserPictures has somehow caused the ENV VAR to be renamed to UserPictures, then the aforementioned symbolic link-- created with intent to circumvent such an issue-- would not be doing as suspected in directing the screensaver to my preferred location.

    I consider the relevancy of other Gnome Desktop ; Session issues which I find common to Ubuntu (note, i realize Ubuntu is essentially Debian, which is remarkably different from Fedora): That a proper user configuration, via GUI (as the Ubuntu user is expected, no?), is apparently malfunctioning for "Click to change" permissions do nothing; I can not config my login as desired.

    I believe this is not a matter of User-X having troulble with his gnome-screensaver app, but instead-- under layers-of-abstraction-- an issue of User-X would fair better on his desktop if he were better able to understand a proper configuration of Gnome; Ubuntu; Gnome as run on Ubuntu.

    E.g. The solution to problems often begins at CLI, using grep: however, what should I grep , regarding this gnome-screensaver?

    I appreciate the reader's patience, and extrapolation of anything I've likely left-out in trying to spare your time. It seems-- to solve a problem as an Ubuntu user-- it is a different experience than that of the Fedora user. I've tried the launchpad route but failed there-- likely due to my disinterest; failure to follow this, that, and the-other-thing-- overwhelmed in trying to participate.

    Thank you!

    does the community prefer the user should place such information in a profile somewhere? please advise.
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