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    Anybody who has a suggestion on a program to be used as a "OnLine ToDo/Projects handling" - on a Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 / ISPConfig 3 v. !?!

    I need an online todo-list... A little more than a todo-list, but like an todo list.. To be installed/setup on a Internet Server/Apache (ISPConfig Server) I need to be able to make note's, incl. an image, add links to websites/OnLine files e.g. scripts, howto's etc. Well, you know how it is when you are creating e.g. a website, a webshop, a new server etc. You have 486 post-it's on the screen and just as many in front of you ;)
    A bit like this forum, well maybe not as large a system but the basics are there..

    Any suggestions is welcome'd...
    Looking forward to hear from you...
  2. darinpeterson

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    Hi Dan,

    Redmine with backlogs would probably work for you.

    Good luck...


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