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  1. dinesh.4126

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    In My Project we need to send Bulk sms related to weather information people who are located in coastal area using GSM Modem.So after net surfing I found that Kannel will send bulk SMS but will it compatible with GSM network.Platform we are using LINUX Debain.
    So kindly Suggest me upon this????
  2. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    of course kannel is compartable, if you cared to read the documentation you will see that it supports most smsc protocols available you can even use a gsm modem.
  3. dinesh.4126

    dinesh.4126 New Member

    Thanx for Reply.I had gone through mannual of kannel I had one doubt in smskannel.conf and wapkannel.conf is that I downloaded kannel from debain packages and only one configuartion is their kannel.conf inside /etc/kannel directory ,so will I need to edit only kannel.cong for SMS gateway because their is no smskannel.conf is genearted.
  4. topdog

    topdog Active Member

    yes thats it.
  5. edge

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  6. MySMS

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  7. Franz

    Franz Member

    Hi, my company also provide BULK (wold wide) and premium SMS for whole europe.

  8. steveljohn8

    steveljohn8 New Member

    You may use the sms marketing software for this purpose.It will send sms in bulk where you want to send.;)
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  9. simrnz

    simrnz New Member

    ya sending bulk sms messages via software is the best method in my opinion. There are a lot of Free Bulk SMS text messaging softwares available for businesses to send marketing & advertising SMS messages to customers with mobile phone from PC.
  10. indsms

    indsms New Member

    API Bulksms


    We provide API intergration.If u are still looking this facility.please send us your details.We build our s/w in linux only.

    [email protected]

  11. MichaelQ

    MichaelQ New Member

    I am not sure this can help you, but the ActiveExperts SMS Server
    is the software we use in the company i work for. We make use of huge amounths of Bulk SMS
  12. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    Looks like "ActiveExperts SMS Server" is Windows based.
    Most (all) users here use Linux as server OS.
  13. MichaelQ

    MichaelQ New Member

    Maybe it can be used with Wine
  14. edge

    edge Active Member Moderator

    I do not think that any serious webserver admin will run Wine on a Linux server.
  15. george897

    george897 New Member

    Yes, this is good SMS gateway to send bulk SMS, instead of this you can also take a service of any bulk SMS service provider company. They provide bulk SMS sending software at very affordable prices.
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  16. ztk.me

    ztk.me ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    hmm remembers me, I used mobilant.de quiet a while ... haven't looked into the site for several years, apperantly they are now part of cm.com ... hmm I wonder what happened to my account balance I still had :D But the web api is (still) great, soap api deprecated since last year :/
    Hmm they got the premium/quality route - no low cost sms avail anymore.

    @SMS Delhi, so sad having annoying blinking images left/right of the site and couldn't find any source of information of costs without calling you? not even for low rates or just4fun sms? seriously? nope

    edit: hmm cm took over smskaufen.com aswell - however they're still cheaper than cm themselves. But cm.com already lost my trust for closing my account without refunding my balance or even any notice.

    Anyone know https://www.experttexting.com/ ?

    @MySMS get rid of that default favicon you got there from plesk admin software :D
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  17. RahulNath

    RahulNath New Member

    I thing MsgClub- Bulk SMS Service Provider will works for you-
    must try it !!

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